Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

I received this beautiful special edition of JADE FIRE GOLD by June C.L. Tan in a Fairy Loot box and I love the design work they did on this one! This has to be one of the prettiest editions I have received this year! I decided to jump in for the readalong hosted on their community page and really enjoyed reading this throughout last week!

JADE FIRE GOLD follows two main characters. Ahn is a girl without a past. She was taken in by a woman she calls her grandmother, but she really has no idea how she came to be alone in the desert. She is barely making ends meet in a world where everyone is struggling, usually resorting to thievery to make sure she and her grandmother can survive. Anh is also keeping secret the rare magic she poseses as this is a world where those with magic and those who harbor them are to be done away with.

Altan is the boy who should have been king, but his family was killed and he’s been left in exile. He is obsessed with revenge no matter who stands in his way, but when he crosses paths with Anh she catches his attention. It seems she might have the power he needs to regain his throne, but her power is also one he fears must be destroyed.

This was a really fun read and I was instantly hooked by the storyline. It takes a while for Anh and Altan’s storylines to merge, but I enjoyed getting the background on each of them. Each had great side characters to learn about as well. I particularly liked Altan’s BFF and the way she doesn’t let him give in to his pride too much as the true heir.

There were a few places toward the middle where I felt like the pace slowed just a bit, but it always picked back up before long and this was overall a very fast and engaging read. This comes to a good conclusion, but the epilogue definitely leaves room for more so I will be keeping an eye out for what June C.L. Tan brings us next!

Overall this was definitely a fun read and I would look to pick up more from this author in the future!

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