Book Review

LAKESEDGE by Lyndall Clipstone

Rating: 3 / 5

Did I bump up this review purely because the book paired well with my Rudolph the red nosed cupcake? Yes, yes I did!

LAKESEDGE by Lyndall Clipstone begins with the premise that there are monsters in the world and darkness that can corrupt. Violeta Graceling has long taken care of her brother who is beset by shadows and darkness and the problem seems to be growing worse. She goes with him to the Lakesedge estate of Rowan Sylvanan. Rowan is the young man known as a monster. He was known to have drowned his family when he was young and his estate is overshadowed by the dark waters of the lake, but Rowan isn’t the only one connected to the darkness.

I left this book with mixed feelings. The synopsis really called my name and the opening of the book brought the creepy vibes that I was hoping for with the promise of darkness and monsters. Soon, though the story really loses the darkness. There is a dark force that they must fight back… a few times… but I didn’t really feel that sense of darkness through the page. Instead we get a bit of a Beauty and the Beast story because Rowan isn’t the monster he’s made out to be.

This leaves things pretty open ended with the definite need for a sequel, but it isn’t necessarily one I’m putting on my list to pick up. In the end this was an entertaining read and I enjoyed listening to the audio over the weekend, but it wasn’t one I was dying to get back to to see what happened next.

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