Book Review

JADE CITY by Fonda Lee

Rating: 3.5 / 5

JADE CITY by Fonda Lee was a recent (relatively) pick for the Magic Mayhem Reads buddy read. It is one that had caught my eye more than once, so I was eager to read it!

JADE CITY follows the Kaul family, one of two crime syndicates in power over the place where jade is produced, the source of magic in this world. Those who are trained to use it gain special abilities, but abusing it can cause damage. It is a society that has valued honor among those who protect the island, but others want to come in and harness the power of the jade for themselves.

JADE CITY has been described as “Godfather-esque” and that did feel true in the reading. This is a book full of gang politics and rivalries. It jumps you into the action fairly quickly and it is easy to stay engaged with the action of the story. There is a fairly large cast of characters and it took me a bit longer to really settle into getting to know them in the midst of the action.

I really liked the magic system in this book and the different ways the author explored the use and abuse of jade. I tend to gravitate toward logic based magical systems and this definitely fit the bill for me!

There were a few times along the way when the story started to feel a bit long (and it is legitimately a pretty chunky book). I enjoyed reading this, but it didn’t leave me immediately needing to pick up book two. Still, I do want to pick up book two in the series to continue on and see where the story goes.

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