Book Review

THESE SILENT WOODS by Kimi Cunningham Grant

Rating: 4 / 5

THESE SILENT WOODS by Kimi Cunningham Grant follows a father and daughter pair. Cooper and his daughter Finch live completely off the grid, staying in a remote cabin where they aren’t likely to be found by anyone. In fact, their only planned visitor is an old friend of Cooper’s who makes a yearly delivery of supplies, or at lease he did until this year. When this friend fails to show up, Cooper knows things will have to change.

The shift in their existence brings any number of changes to bear and Cooper is scrambling to try to find his footing. He can begin to feel the press of the outside world on the life he has built for himself and Finch even as Finch begins to grow her curiosity about the wider world.

I had seen a number of positive reviews before receiving this book, but still didn’t know a lot about the actual synopsis so I went in pretty blind. It is a mystery initially as to why Cooper has chosen to live this life, though there are certainly hints that something happened so that he made this rather extreme choice. I really appreciated the mental health aspect of the book as well. As you get further into the story and more reveals happen, that gets fleshed out even more.

I really enjoyed reading about the way Cooper created a true home for his daughter even under not so normal circumstances. The bond between Cooper and Finch is wonderful to see as well as the way they relate to some of the other characters who come into the story.

Though characterized as thriller, this is more of a slow burn read. Still, the action toward the end does very much pick up as the multiple pressures start to press down on Cooper. Regardless, it’s a book that I very much enjoyed and could not put down once I was sunk into the story!

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