Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

After reading and really enjoying SO WE MEET AGAIN by Suzanne Park, I knew I had to pick up some of her backlist. I even got to meet her while on a trip to the bookstore with some SoCal Booksta friends! I was thrilled to find an autographed copy of LOATHE AT FIRST SIGHT on the shelves at The Ripped Bodice!

LOATHE AT FIRST SIGHT follows Melody Joo, a young woman who joins the team at a video game developer. It isn’t the easiest of new jobs to settle into with a workplace built around an industry that isn’t always female friendly. She’s also stuck working with Nolan, the intern hired purely because his uncle is the sexist CEO.

Melody makes a comment to a friend about a video game built around male strippers, the antithesis of the field dominated by female characters known for their big (and unrealistic) boobs and lack of substance. When the CEO overhears the joke, the studio is suddenly on board to show their ability to appeal to a more diverse market of gamers and suddenly Melody is in charge of creating the game.

I really enjoyed this look into the world of gaming and the way she took a joke concept and fleshed it out into something marketable. It is often a very male dominated field and I loved seeing Melody’s take on the industry. I loved that she recognized the sexist bias of the company and where the support (dollars, marketing, etc.) were going. This is something that rings true in the book world as well!

I enjoyed watching the relationship between Melody and Nolan develop as well. Melody definitely goes in expecting Nolan to fit the family mold, but he is able to prove her wrong and actually provide good support both on an intern and a personal level!

I am very glad that I picked up LOATHE AT FIRST SIGHT and will look forward to reading more from Suzanne Park!

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