Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

I received this beautiful edition of SIX CRIMSON CRANES by Elizabeth Lim in a Fairyloot box. It wasn’t one I knew much about, but I was excited to pick it up!

SIX CRIMSON CRANES follows Shiri, the princess of Kiata who possesses magic she must keep secret. When faced with marrying a man she doesn’t want to wed, her magic breaks free. Shiori’s step mother Raikama also has magic, that which comes from darkness, and she puts a curse on the princess and her brothers. The princes are turned into cranes and Shiori is cursed to remain silent because every word she utters will bring death to one of her brothers.

I really enjoyed the fairytale vibes of this novel and the strength of the princess at its core! It is beautifully written with a good mixture of family drama with an adventure story. There is a lot of family love and loyalty thoughout as Shiri must sacrifice in order to find her brothers and find a solution to the curse over them all.

This novel also managed to deliver some twists that I didn’t expect, subverting some of the typical fairytale tropes, which was something else I really appreciated. I felt like the book came to a satisfying solution, while still leaving room for more with the upcoming sequel. I definitely plan to check out THE DRAGON’S PROMISE when it is released next year!

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