Book Review

NO ONE WILL MISS HER by Kat Rosenfield

Rating: 4.5 / 5

NO ONE WILL MISS HER by Kat Rosenfield was one of our #SaturdayBookstaClub buddy read picks and one that I was highly anticipating reading!

NO ONE WILL MISS HER begins with the discovery of a body when a fire threatens the area of Copper Falls and law enforcement is going door to door to warn people to evacuate. The body is in bad shape but a distinguishing mark helps law enforcement identify the victim as Lizzie Oulette. With Lizzie dead in the rental house she owns and her husband Dwayne missing, the town has a lot to say about the less than prominent citizens.

As Detective Bird investigates, he learns that the rental house has been used by a much more well to do couple. Adrienne Richards’ husband has been brought down by financial scandal, but she’s still held onto her status as a social media darling. Those who have met her in real life haven’t been nearly as impressed. Still, Lizzie was drawn in by Adrienne and their lives connected in unexpected ways.

This book is a slow burn, but it is done in such a unique way. We start off the book hearing from Lizzie from beyond the grave with a pretty open look at how the town would treat her with something much less than respect. We switch narrators as the book goes between Lizzie, Adrienne and Detective Bird and I really enjoyed the mix of narratives. The audiobook makes use of multiple narrators as well which I really enjoyed!

I think the author did a fantastic job of building up the mystery. While I had my suspicions about one of the big twists, I think that was more my overly suspicious mind than it being at all obvious. Even with that, the author managed to throw some surprises in which I really enjoyed. I think there was a good balance struck between laying out clues so nothing came entirely out of left field while also not making the answers entirely obvious.

This is a thriller I would definitely recommend! I look forward to reading more from Kat Rosenfield in the future!

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