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Monday Reading Check In

I received a complimentary copy of MINDWANDERING: HOWYOUR CONSTNAT MENTAL DRIFT CAN IMPROVE YOUR MOOD AND BOOST YOUR CREATIVITY by Moshe Bar from Hachette Go (Pub Date 2/8/2022)!

Happy Monday and Happy New Year, book friends! I hope your 2022 is off to a good start! I had a good New Year’s Eve having a quiet dinner and a movie in with friends and then really just crashed out the rest of the weekend. All the end of year business did my energy level in, I think! It was tough getting out of bed and getting moving this morning!

My reading year is off to a fantastic start as I got a lot of reading in over the weekend and I’ve been extra motivated by my reading challenges! I haven’t sent any really huge goals apart from using my #JarofTBR again to help me tackle three reading challenges. I am going to be still working on catching up on some of my in progress series and trying to read from my owned shelves (but let’s face it, reading lots of new stuff too!).

I really had a lot of fun during #NonfictionNovember so I do also want to try to get more nonfiction reads in this year. I am starting off the year with MINDWANDERING which is an examination of our mind’s inclination to wander and why this is a necessary and sometimes useful function. I am always intrigued by the brain and the way our minds work. This was a great pick for my #AroundTheYearIn52Books prompt for a book related to psychology, neuroscience or the mind.

The author, Moshe Bar, is a neuroscientist, but he brings in issues of psychology, psychiatry, medication and more in his research into the mind’s work. I have really appreciated that he also addresses the differences in some topics when people are neurodivergent and that not all brains work the same. This has been a very interesting read so far and I look forward to continuing on with it.

As I mentioned, I did a lot of reading over the weekend and that left me with a lot of in progress reads:

MY FINE FELLOW by Jennieke Cohen (gifted copy by Harper Teen, Let’s Talk Books Promo; 1/11/2022) is a YA gender swapped retelling of My Fair Lady) follows Helena and Penelope, two students in the culinary arts, who find a young Jewish boy named Elijah selling his pasties on the street. Together they endeavor to turn Elijah into a proper gentleman and chef. I have always loved My Fair Lady, so this was definitely right up my alley and I am enjoying it!

WEATHER GIRL by Rachel Lynn Solomon (gifted copy by Berkley Pub, 1/11/2022) follows Ari Abrams, an aspiring weather girl who has learned the painful lesson to never work for your idols. She has dreamed of working for her favorite meteorologist, but the job is plagued by her boss’s dismal relationship with her ex husband. She decides to team up with said husband’s staff Russel to parent trap them back into a loving relationship, but difficulty ensues and Russel and Ari might just make a good pair themselves. This is a fun and easy read and I look forward to finishing!

INSOMNIA by Stephen King is a reread for me this month and a buddy read with some fellow King fans. Since the death of his wife, Ralph has been battling with insomnia, getting less and less sleep as the days and weeks go by. It seems that things aren’t entirely okay with the people around him as well. He’s not quite sure if it is his lack of sleep or if there is really something else going on. I really enjoyed this one the first time and I am enjoying it again!

THE LIKENESS by Tana French is book two in the Dublin Murder Squad series and one I’ve been hoping to get to. I started it on audio on my way to work this morning and I’m already hooked! Cassie is a detective who has transferred out of the murder squad but gets sucked back in when a body nearly identical to her own is found, a woman who had been using Cassie’s undercover identity as her own. That’s about as much as I know so far, but I am so ready to get back into it!

What is your first read of 2022? I’d love to hear!

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