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Monday Reading Check In

I received a complimentary copy of THE ATLAS SIX by Olivie Blake from Tor Books (new edition out 3/1/2022)!

Happy Monday book friends! I had a bit of a rough weekend being down with a migraine most of Saturday, but my inability to use my eyes to focus on much did help me get some good audiobook time in. Doesn’t quite make up for it derailing my weekend plans, and I’m still way off on my sleep pattern so today is going to be rough, but silver lining I guess?

I was able to do a bit of print reading yesterday between my audiobooks, so I got to start in on THE ATLAS SIX which is a book I have been highly anticipating! I am reading this for the #PopsugarReadingChallenge to read a book recommended by BookTok. Since I don’t follow anything on BookTok, I went with the fact that this book has been recommended multiple times by people who have mentioned that it was big on BookTok. Close enough for me!

THE ATLAS SIX is set in the world of the Alexandrian Society made of the elite of the magical academicians. Atlas Blakely is responsible for bringing the next round of powerful magicians into the fold. In a very mysterious manner he approaches six people of varying magics and makes them an invitation they can’t turn down. For a chance to gain entry and the power and prestige that comes with it, they must spend the next year together. Six are chosen but only five will make it in.

I have heard good things about this one from trusted sources, so I was thrilled to receive an ARC. This book was originally self-published, but it created quite the fan following and will be coming out in Hardcover from Tor on 3/1/22. The book shifts POV between our six initiates and I am really enjoying learning about their different magics and their backstories. So far only two of the characters (those who knew and despised each other before Atlas Blakely’s visit) have had a ton of interaction, but I am loving their banter and I can’t wait to see how they all fit together!

I did fairly well at wrapping up some reads this past week, but of course also started some as well:

I am currently finishing up THE OBSIDIAN TOWER by Melissa Caruso for #MagicMayhemReads. It follows Ryx who was born with a poisonous touch such that even her family must keep their distance. When her power accidentally kills someone and a mysterious magical object is activated, she must find answers and solutions. I am really enjoying this one. It is an easy listen on audio and one I look forward to discussing.

SOMEBODY’S HOME by Kaira Rouda (out 1/18/2022) is a multi-POV story following a couple broken families. Julie has left her husband and has moved her and her daughter to a new home, far less glamorous than the one they just came from. Problem is that the man who grew up in the house is still living in the house in the backyard. His father moved their family away rather abruptly and left his eldest son behind. There are a lot of power struggles and conflicted family feelings going on and I am very curious to see where this one goes.

YOU LOVE ME by Caroline Kepnes is the third book in the YOU series. Joe is back and making new friends to obsess over. This is always a good creepy listen on audio and so far I am enjoying it, though it maybe isn’t quite grabbing me as much as the earlier books so far.

I also still have Stephen King’s INSOMNIA on the back burner. I am still really enjoying it, but the audio has some jarring musical interludes that did not seem like a good idea with a headache, hence the back burner status!

How is your new week starting out? I hope your weekend was fantastic and your week will be as well!

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