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Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday book friends! I hope your day is going well and your week is off to a good start. It’s a quiet Monday here. Having to work on today’s holiday in the U.S. made traffic non existent and it means that things should stay fairly quiet since most of our funders and partners are all home likely still in bed. Hopefully a quiet day will mean that I get to make some progress on both my work and my audiobooks!

Today’s currently reading update is more of a currently reading and should be reading update! I have realized we’re past the halfway point though the month and while I’ve been smashing my TBR, I’ve left all of my big books for the end of the month and I really need to get going on them with scheduled chats coming up in the next two weeks! I’m also trying to participate in TBRPGathon this week which is a fun RPG/choose your own adventure type readathon with new prompts released daily depending on the choices you make as the story is unfolded, so trying to hopefully fit some of my current reads into the prompts.

I am currently reading DRAGON HAVEN by Robin Hobb for the #Elderlingalong readalong. This is the second book in the Rain Wild Chronicles series with, as the title might imply, more of a focus on the dragons in this world. This portion of the overall trilogy gets a bit more mixed reviews, but I have really been enjoying being in this world again. We’re getting some younger perspectives from the new characters and narration from the dragons’ perspective as well. The live show for this is coming up this weekend so I have confidence I’ll get it done in time. I think. (This one thankfully fit the first prompt I got for the readathon!)

THE SHADOW OF THE WIND by Carlos Ruiz Zafón is our #ClassicsBuddyRead pick this month (more of a modern day classic). I’ve got until almost the end of the month for this one, but it is 500 pages of fairly dense text on the page. I did get started in this last night and while I’m note entirely sure where the plot is taking me, I am really loving the writing. This is one that I don’t want to have to rush through because it deserves more focus and absorption of the descriptions and characters.

My last big book of the month is THE KILLING MOON by N.K. Jemisin for the #BusyBeeBookclub. I honestly picked this one up for the book club purely based on the author, not because I knew anything about it. What’s one more big book on the TBR when I know it’s an author I like, right?

In addition to these, I have a couple other buddy read books to get to this week, so… wish me luck I guess?

How is your reading going for the month? Are you conquering your TBR or feeling a bit behind like me?

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