Book Review

THE BOOK OF LOST NAMES by Kristin Harmel

Rating: 5 / 5

THE BOOK OF LOST NAMES follows Eva, a librarian in present day Florida who spots a photo in a magazine one day because she recognizes the book in the picture, The Book of Lost Names. It is a book she hasn’t seen in years as it was one of the books looted by the Nazis during WWII. They are seeking information about the book’s origins but they haven’t yet found anything out. Eva, however, knows the truth behind the book and the code it contains.

In the past timeline, Eva must run from Paris when the Nazis begin to gather up the Jews, including her own father. She finds relative safety in a peaceful little town. The local priest is impressed with her skills at developing forged paperwork and she is drawn in to the high stakes endeavor helping Jewish children flee to Switzerland.

This book got glowing reviews from several trusted sources, so it was the first one that came to mind when I was looking for a five syllable title book. I put a few options in my stories for a vote and this one wound up the clear winner! I am so glad that it did!

I really loved following Eva and seeing how she held up in impossible situations. She had such a strong dedication to helping others even when it put her at risk. My heart really broke for her and the losses she withstood. The book does a good job of balancing character development along with the danger and impossible situations that Eva and those around her must endure. I really liked seeing Eva in the present day as well, seeing how she made it through with her internal strength still in place even as her earlier story is still being revealed!

If you enjoy a good historical fiction read and haven’t managed to pick this one up yet, I absolutely recommend it! This book started off my 2022 reading on a really good note!

Reading Challenge:

#The52BookClub: A book with a 5 syllable title

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