Book Review

THE LIKENESS by Tana French

Rating: 5 / 5

I started reading Tana French with THE WITCH ELM which I didn’t enjoy, but on many recommendations I gave her another shot by picking up her first Dublin Murder Squad book last year and really enjoyed it. I was eager to continue, so when I realized the sequel’s cover worked perfectly for my reading prompt for a book related to glass, I went for it!

THE LIKENESS follows Detective Cassie Maddox. She is called out to a murder scene which isn’t her case, but soon she sees why. The victim is practically a mirror image of her own face. On top of that, the girl has been living under the fictitious name Cassie has used for undercover work. Cassie’s former boss makes a wild proposal that they announce that Lexie was injured, but not killed and then send Cassie in to assume her life and look for clues from the inside.

The premise of this book is wild and to some extent there is a need to suspend your disbelief that Cassie could so effectively becoming the murder victim without those closest to her (namely the people she has been living with in a tight knit group) wouldn’t immediately notice. Still, going with the idea that this would work, it makes for a very compelling case. We’re inside Cassie’s head as she works through her preparation to become “Lexie” and as she navigates life with her roommates, trying to find out who would have killed her.

This book is on the long side, but it never feels that way. I heard from a few people that this is their favorite book in the series and I can definitely see why. It very much ups the pace and the stakes compared to the previous novel. I liked that we had the opportunity to learn about the people in Lexie’s life and Lexie herself more in depth as the novel went on. I was left questioning and wondering what exactly happened until the end.

This was a very unique premise and I thought that it really delivered a solid mystery! This can absolutely be read as a standalone without reading the first book in the series as there is minimal overlap. I definitely recommend this to the mystery fans!

Reading Challenge:

#AroundTheYearIn52Books – a book related to glass

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