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Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday book friends! No really, it actually is a happy one because I took the day off work for no particular reason except to read and do a lot of nothing. It was a wild reading weekend for me and I’m hoping to carry that through today by tackling my in progress reads for chats next weekend.

I am currently reading THE KILLING MOON by N.K. Jemisin for the #BusyBeeBookclub. By ‘currently reading’ I mean that I’m a whole 7 pages into it, so I have some ways to go! I tried starting it too late last night and there is a lot of new stuff to take in with this fantasy so realized quickly I should really wait until I was more awake to get going with it.

I still don’t know a whole lot about this book. I know there is a magic system which relies on dreams. It is set in a society at peace, but it requires taking dream energy from the sleeping to keep the peace. And with a society at peace, there’s always going to be some sort of disruption. I can already tell I’m enjoying the writing which I assumed I would given my past Jemisin reads, but there’s a lot yet to take in. I’ve heard some mixed reviews from some who have already finished so I look forward to seeing how I enjoy it.

I also started THE YEAR OF THE REAPER by Makiia Lucier last night for the Fairy Loot readalong this week. I am really enjoying this one so far! We’re following Cas, a young man returning home after a few years where everyone thought he was dead. He returns to his home to find quite a lot different than when he left. Of course, he’s pretty different too since he bears horrific scars and he can now see ghosts. This is a world of kings and queens, warring kingdoms, and a terrible plague which has decimated much of the population and I’m very intrigued to see where it goes.

I am also still reading THE SHADOW OF THE WIND by Carlos Ruiz Zafón fior the #ClassicsBuddyRead. There’s a lot to this story with mystery, political intrigue, a bit of romance, and a lot of danger. I’m enjoying it and really looking forward to discussing it on Sunday!

How is your week starting off? What are you currently reading? I’d love to know!

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