Book Review

THE PARTY CRASHER by Sophie Kinsella

I received a gifted copy of THE PARTY CRASHER by Sophie Kinsella from Dial Press / Random House.

Rating: 4 / 5

THE PARTY CRASHER follows Effie, a young woman whos parents got divorced a couple years back. Her father and his new girlfriend still live in the house Effie grew up in, but she’s become very distanced from them. When a last minute “invitation” to their final party before they sell her childhood home which clearly shows that she won’t be welcomed, Effie declines.

When Effie realizes that there are still some things she wants in the house, she decides to sneak in during the party to find them. She finds herself in one precarious situation after another, in a position to overhear her siblings, her father, her ex, and the party guests. This eavesdropper perspective gives her more insight into what happened between her parents and in her own prior relationship, making her see things in a different light.

This book was a great combination of fun, somewhat over the top comedy, mixed with more serious family drama. I definitely got some laughs out of the positions Effie put herself in. The author does a good job of giving people to root for and against, with relationships both improving and breaking down. I found that the whole thing came to a satisfying conclusion as well.

I have had some mixed feelings about some of my past Sophie Kinsella reads, but this was a fun and fast read that I flew through and really enjoyed!

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