Book Review

THE LION’S DEN by Katherine St. John

Rating: 4 / 5

THE LION’S DEN follows Belle as she embarks on a fantasy vacation. Her best friend Summer has a new billionaire boyfriend and invites Belle along with a few others to celebrate her birthday in the Mediterranean aboard the boyfriends yacht, the Lion’s Den. It doesn’t take long for Belle to figure out that this trip isn’t all that she hoped it would be.

Summer’s boyfriend may be unspeakably rich, but he’s also incredibly controlling and Summer knows she needs to fall in line to keep her access to the wealth and privilege that comes with the relationship. Everything is on a set schedule and everyone is expected to behave accordingly.

I had heard wonderful things about this book, so was very excited going into it. Thankfully it very much lived up to the hype! This is a wild ride and there were a lot of moments where I had to stop and wonder what I would have done in the same situation. Belle definitely hung in there much better than I think I would have! The yacht trip sounds truly fantastic on paper, but I might have walked back off the boat at the first opportunity!

When I picked up this book, I immediately thought about getting a lion costume for Kylee, but it was a bit close to Halloween and pickings were slim. The “mane” I wound up with was much more lion like in the listing than the one I received. I resurrected it a bit – but it it definitely is more lion cub (or something) than lion. I was disappointed not to have a full on Kylee as lion picture, but… Belle didn’t get exactly what was advertised either when it came to her picture perfect vacation, so I guess it’s fitting?

In any case, if you haven’t picked up this book yet I do strongly recommend it for a fun read with some great twists along the way. I will be looking to read more from Katherine St. John in the future!

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