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Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday to all my book friends! It may be trite to say it, but I’m saying it anyway… how is January already over? After a four day work week that felt really long, I’m kinda dreading the five day week starting today, but I do have another three day weekend coming, so I’m ready to power through!

I am currently reading (and planning to finish up) KNIGHT’S SHADOW by Sebastien de Castel. I only have about 2 hours left on the audio, so I’m feeling pretty confident about the fact that I included this in my wrap up picture for later today. I’ve been doing a project where I do a random roll using a D20 to pick a series that I need to continue and this was my roll for January. To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled when a 600 page book was the result of my roll, but as soon as I started it I remembered how much I enjoyed the first book in the Greatcoats series and was thrilled to be back in this world.

KNIGHT’S SHADOW is the second book following TRAITOR’S BLADE. We’re following Falcio val Mond. He was one of the king’s famed Greatcoats, a band of mighty fighters known for the coats they wore and their oaths to uphold justice. After the king’s death, the Greatcoats dispersed, but the king left them each with instructions to follow. I can’t say much about the plot of book two specifically, but it is fully of action and good humor and the audio for this series is really fantastic. It is a 600 page / 20 hour book, but it doesn’t ever feel like a long read!

I think this is likely to be my last read of the month, but I do have a couple other books that I’m currently reading to carry into February and I’m hoping to at least make a dent in them (because spoiler alert… my February TBR is VERY ridiculous).

HOW TO FIND YOUR WAY HOME by Katy Regan (gifted book from Berkley Pub and Netgalley; Pub Date 2/15/2022) follows brother and sister Stephen and Emily. Emily has been searching for her brother without success as she works to house the homeless, but fails to find the one homeless man she most wants to help. When Stephen walks into her agency out of the blue one day they finally have an opportunity to reconnect. We’re following both POVs and jumping a bit back and forth in time to uncover how and why Stephen winds up homeless. As someone who works in homeless services, this story is really pulling on my heart and I am really enjoying it so far.

THE RIVIERA HOUSE by Natasha Lester (gifted book from Forever Pub) is a book set in two timelines. In 1939 Paris, Éliane is using her secret knowledge of German to track the art being stolen by the Nazis from the Louvre. In the present, Remy finds an art catalogue of art stolen by the Nazis and realizes she has one of the pieces hanging in her home. I was a bit worried about adding a 400 page historical fiction to my reading as I’ve been a bit burned out on HF recently, but I sank right into the writing and I am actually flying through the book so this should be one of my first finishes for February.

I am ending January on a high note with KNIGHT’S SHADOW, so I’m pretty pleased with my reading month! How is your month wrapping up? Reading anything great to finish up today or carry into February? I’d love to hear!

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