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Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday book friends! Today is a holiday for me, so I’m actually feeling pretty good about Mondays today… let’s not talk about going back to work tomorrow and fitting a week of work into four days. I had a really fun weekend, though I didn’t get as much reading done as I had originally planned. I tuned in for a lot of live shows, readings prints, and watch alongs and it made for a very relaxing and very fun couple of days. Today I do need to do a bit of reading catch up, but first I got in a walk with Kylee and prepped some breakfasts for the week to kick off the week well… and with bacon!

I have started reading THIS WOVEN KINGDOM by Tahereh Mafi which I received in my Illumicrate box. This is one of the most gorgeous editions I’ve seen – Illumicrate really is knocking their books out of the park lately! Their readalong for the book started this weekend so I’ve been following along with that. That puts me a bit past the first hundred pages now and it’s a bit too soon to tell how I’m feeling about this one. It has been a little slow to engage for me, but it is a very easy read to fly through so far which is always a good thing! (Especially when you start to feel a bit behind on your reading!)

We start following Alizeh, she is working as a servant and using her spare time to create gorgeous gowns, but she’s actually a Jinn who is hiding her identity as she is the lost heir to the throne of the Jinn kingdom. Kamran is the crown prince and a mysterious figure himself. When he sees Alizeh being mugged, saving herself while giving mercy to the desperate boy who attacked, he cannot stop thinking about her and what he knows about her doesn’t seem to add up. The pair haven’t fully crossed paths just yet, but I am excited to see where this is going.

In other reading, I started THE DOG STARS by Peter Heller this morning. I tried the ebook and didn’t get on with the writing style, so I switched to the audio and I am liking it a lot more. It’s a world decimated after a flu killed almost everyone. Hig is one of the few survivors, a pilot who now occupies the airport to give him a bit of a broader view of the world around him. I’m really not sure about this one (so far we’ve had a sad loss, a lot of violence, and human jerky was made so…) but I do want to see where it goes!

Lastly, I also am reading THE STORYTELLER by Kathryn Williams. Jess finds some old diaries in her late aunt’s attic written in Russian. She finds a translator and soon a big mystery is uncovered. Is it possible that Aunt Anna was actually Anastasia Romanov, the princess that everyone assumed died when her entire family was massacred? I am finding this a really fun book to settle into. We’re mostly set in the present, but getting passages from the diaries as well.

What are you currently reading? I’d love to hear!

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