Book Review

THE RIVIERA HOUSE by Natasha Lester

I received a complimentary copy of THE RIVIERA HOUSE by Natasha Lester from the publisher. Thank you to Forever Pub!

Rating: 4 / 5

THE RIVIERA HOUSE follows two timelines. In 1939 we’re in Paris, following Éliane who works at the Louvre. The Nazis are occupying France and are taking possession of the art for themselves, passing it on to Hitler and others in Nazi leadership. They do not know that Éliane can speak German so she is walking a thin, dangerous line, cataloguing everything that they are taking and all that she knows about where it is going in order to hopefully help return things to their rightful owners once the Nazis are defeated.

In the present, Remy has inherited a home on the Riviera and she’s gone there for a bit of peace and quiet as she works on building her business and putting her life together after an unspeakable loss. When she locates a catalog of art stolen during WWII, she is surprised to recognize one of the pieces as one she saw hanging on her very own wall growing up. She begins to seek answers about her own origin story and that of her family.

I have been in a bit of a historical fiction reading slump lately which is why it took me a bit of time to get to this book, but it was a great fit when I pulled a prompt to read a book involving the art world. I am so glad I was pushed to pick this one up because I really enjoyed it. This is my first read by Natasha Lester, but her writing is so easy to engage with and I enjoyed the audio for this one as well!

In both timelines, we are following two very strong women. Each is faced with difficult challenges in their personal life and their relationships even as they also grapple with the art theft involved in WWII. I really enjoyed the cast of characters and the many different elements that were involved in each of the stories. As we switched back and forth between timelines, I was always left wanting more and I was equally engaged with seeing how the two stories would link up.

This was a really fantastic read and I would suggest it to all the historical fiction fans!

Reading Challenge:

#The52BooksClub2022 – a book involving the art world

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