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Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday book friends and happy last day of February! The weekend flew by for me, but lots of fantastic reading was done. There is so much going on in the world right now, I gave myself time to look the news and read up on everything happening, but without spending all of my time on it. I had two readathons going on to provide lots of motivation and I jumped in on some reading sprints off and on through the weekend which I also really enjoy! I’m very excited to be finishing off the month strong!

This week is the Fairyloot readalong for this beautiful edition of ONLY A MONSTER by Vanessa Tan, so this is my newest current read. Today is the first chat day, so I read the first five chapters last night and even though I was really exhausted when I started, this wound up being an easy read to get into! Joan is staying with her mother’s eccentric family in London. She’s doing work she enjoys as a volunteer and the boy she’s had a crush on has finally asked her out. Problem is there’s a bit of a snafu with her first date with Nick and she entirely misses it… somehow losing most of the rest of the day as well.

Joan has always been told by her gran that theirs is a family of monsters, but she didn’t take it to be literal. Bit it is very literal and she’s stumbled into her powers just in time for things to go really awry. It turns out that Nick is a monster hunter which puts a bit of a damper on things, and that’s before his people turn on her family and nearly everyone she knows. Where I’ve left off she’s on the run with Aaron, a boy from an enemy monster family and things are pretty dark. I am very much looking forward to seeing where this goes from here!

In other reading, I am about halfway through THE BONE SHIPS by R.J. Barker. This took me a bit to settle in with (not surprising for a chunky trilogy), but I am really enjoying it now. It is an interesting world of interesting creatures and the action has really started to pick up! There’s a live show for the readalong for this series happening this weekend, so this is my other priority read of the week to finish!

IF YOU ASK ME by Libby Hubscher (gifted eARC from Berkley – pub date 3/8/2022) is another one that I’m reading for a buddy read. I’m halfway in and look forward to continuing after our chat today. Violet is an advice columnist but in reality, her life is a bit of a mess. Just as she’s received the potential to be syndicated, she learns that her husband is in love with someone else. Everything spirals out of control from there. Good thing there Des, the gorgeous fireman from a couple streets over who always seems to be around when needed!

Lastly, I started THE SOULMATE EQUATION by Christina Lauren. This was actually a very recent addition to my TBR (as in from this weekend) for a book with all five vowels in the title, but my audio hold came in from the library so it’s my read while working book for today! This may actually wind up my last finish for February depending on how the day goes!

What are you currently reading? I’d love to hear!

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