Book Review

THE YOUNGER WIFE by Sally Hepworth (Out 4/5/2022!)

I received a complimentary audiobook ALC for THE YOUNGER WIFE by Sally Hepworth – thank you to Macmillan Audio and Netgalley!

Publication Date: 4/5/2022

THE YOUNGER WIFE follows a family in a difficult situation. Tully and Rachel’s father announces that he’s getting married. Problem is, he’s still currently married to their mother who is in a care facility for dementia. While they understand that their mother isn’t really present in the marriage anymore, the idea of their father divorcing her in order to marry Heather, someone close to their age, is a big shock. When one of them finds a hot water bottle filled with cash and an obscure name they don’t recognize, it raises a lot of questions. With their mother unable to provide answers, they must try to seek out the truth about the skeletons in the family closet themselves.

Sally Hepworth does a great job of writing really complicated family relationships and this book is no different. That said, there are a lot of serious issues in this book including domestic violence, fertility issues, mental health issues, and more. We hear from both daughters and the younger wife in alternating chapters and each is full of secrets and complications in their life. At times it feels almost like there is a bit too much going on and the way some of these issues were used as twists didn’t always set right with me.

I enjoyed this book overall going into the ending, though the ending I think is going to be very polarizing. I honestly had to sit with it a while to decide how I felt about it before writing a review. When the subject matter is as serious as it is here, I am not sure that the final twist at the end was needed. It is impossible to say more without serious spoilers, but I think the book would have had a much higher rating without the epilogue.

Overall this was an entertaining read for the most part. I would classify this mostly as a family drama over a thriller in my mind.

THE YOUNGER WIFE is out on 4/5/2022!

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