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I received THE GIRL AND THE STARS by Mark Lawrence in an Illumicrate box quite a while back. I picked it up to finally read it for #Polarthon given the fantasy synopsis and the icy setting. I wound up with this one on my TBR because the spine had someone bundled in a heavy coat so it wound up a perfect book to pick for the prompt of a book picked based on the spine as well.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

THE GIRL AND THE STARS is set in a world entirely covered by ice and only those who are hardy enough to contribute to their tribe’s survival will be allowed to remain. The tribes are gathering for the lead priest to judge which of the young need to be discarded, thrown down a deep hole in the ice.

Yaz knows she’s different and she doesn’t expect to survive the gathering, but things do not go as she expects. Soon she’s found herself beneath the ice where there is an entire world she never knew about. Her arrival is a catalyst for change as the ice holds strange lights which seem to react most strongly to her presence.

I was left with some mixed feelings about this book. The synopsis is left pretty vague on the actual cover and I went into it pretty much blind. The icy world and the harshness of Yaz’s existence were immediately intriguing to me. There’s a sense of impending doom from the very beginning and it certainly isn’t an easy road for Yaz. I did really enjoy her as a character. Her perspective is very limited because she doesn’t know anything about the past of her world, which makes sense given that all effort is put into survival.

There were places in the book where I felt the pace dragged. There’s a lot of travel back and forth between places in the ice. There are good action sequences though which do move the plot along and several different levels of threat that Yaz must deal with.

This is a book that very much ends mid story. The plot does reach a milestone, but I wouldn’t say that anything really resolved. I tend to prefer stories that bring at least some closure by the end of the book, so I am glad that I didn’t read this one right when it came out. I would like to pick up the sequel to see where the story goes from here.

Reading Challenge:

#The52BookClub – a book picked based on its spine

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