Book Review


Rating: 5 / 5

MY GRANDMOTHER ASKED ME TO TELL YOU SHE’S SORRY by Fredrik Backman follows a little girl named Elsa. She’s never been the kid to fit in. She has parents who love her, but each has their own new family and she is feeling left out. Thankfully she’s been blessed with a grandmother who has an imagination just as big as her own. Elsa has been raised on her grandmother’s stories, so when she loses her grandmother her entire world is devastated.

Elsa’s grandmother has left her with important tasks to accomplish. She has messages to apologize to those she left behind. As Elsa follows the instructions she begins to learn more about her family and her neighbors and the complexities of the world around her. She begins to realize her grandmother’s stories and the lives of those she is getting to know now have been preparing her for the future, to be the strong girl her grandmother knows she is.

This book absolutely tore my heart in pieces, but at the same time it was so uplifting. I loved the fictional world of Miasma that Elsa’s grandmother built for her and the way it was layered into the overall narrative of the book. Elsa’s imagination can’t be beat and her determination to do what her grandmother has asked is fantastic. There’s a unique mix of characters in the cast and I really enjoyed getting to learn more of their stories as well!

I really enjoy Fredrik Backman’s writing and this book was no exception. I would absolutely recommend this book and would also suggest having a couple tissues on standby!

Reading Challenge:

#AroundTheYearIn52Books – a book that has an alternate title

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