Book Review

CONFESSIONS ON THE 7:45 by Lisa Unger

Rating: 4 / 5

CONFESSIONS ON THE 7:45 by Lisa Unger begins with Selena, a wife and mother getting off from work late and catching a later train. Watching her husband sleeping with the nanny on hidden camera put a bit of a delay in her day. The train is delayed as well and she winds up talking to her seatmate about her husband while her seatmate confesses her involvement with her married boss. Wouldn’t it be great if their problems just disappeared?

Selena goes home and thinks nothing more of her stranger on a train experience until the nanny doesn’t show up for work and the police come calling. She gets wrapped up in the mystery while also dealing with her marriage and her family, and the messages from the woman on the train.

I’ve read a few Lisa Unger books and I’m always impressed with her ability to throw surprise twists at me and this book was no exception. I really was hooked into the audio for this one with the alternating POVs between Selena and the other woman. The more we learned about their history, the more questions I had. I really wanted better things for both women!

This is a great book to go in pretty blind for and one I’d recommend to the thriller fans!

Reading Challenge:

#PopsugarReadingChallenge – set on a plane, train, or cruise ship

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