Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday book friends! I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! I had a busy weekend and I’m dragging a bit today! Coffee is definitely a necessity (and I left in the car and had to go back for it lol). Saturday was good with a beautiful SoCal day by the beach and the water followed by lunch and then a stop at a local cider house with my BFF. I didn’t quite get to the productive things I wanted to get to this weekend, but that’s okay… I’ll get there eventually!

I am continuing to try to fit in more series books for #TheFinalBookSupportGroup and I have some ARCs and buddy reads this week too. In between all of those, I’m slowly making my way through DARK CITIES edited by Christopher Golden. There are a few names in this collection of short stories that I know (Seanan McGuire, Paul Trembley, and quite a few that I don’t know). As with most short story collections, this is hit or miss and given the dark subject matter, some have been even more of a miss than usual. Definitely check out trigger warnings if this book ever crosses your path because there were some things that knocked me off my reading stride right off the bat with the first story and I am not easily triggered.

Apart from this one, I’ve got a few on the go:

NINE LIVES by Peter Swanson – this is our #SaturdayBookstaClub read and we had a great discussion about the first half on Saturday. This is fairly slow paced so far – nine people have received a list of nine names including their own and then people start dying off the list. There’s a bit of an Agatha Christie AND THEN THERE WERE NONE vibe without the closed setting. Not many of these people are very redeemable so who knows what they’ve done to get on the list!

ADULT ASSEMBLY REQUIRED by Abbi Waxman is a book set in the same world as the author’s Nina Hill, a Los Angeles full of quirky characters. This is absolutely a comfort read and I would have just kept flying through the book if my Kindle hadn’t started yelling at me to charge it. This one is out from Berkley Pub on 5/17/2022.

THE JASMINE THRONE by Tasha Suri is the #MagicMayhemReads book for April/May and I’m about halfway in. This is a start of a new trilogy (working against my Final Book goals for the week) inspired by the history of India. We are following two strong female characters and their secrets and revenge plots.

How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything fun? I’d love to hear!

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