Book Review


I received a complimentary audiobook ALC for MY WIFE IS MISSING by D.J. Palmer – thank you to Macmillan Audio and Netgalley!

Publication Date: 5/10/2022

MY WIFE IS MISSING begins with a family vacation to New York. When Michael goes out to get pizza, he returns to an empty hotel room with no word from his wife. He immediately fears that something has happened to them, but cameras show that his wife and their two kids left on their own. Michael may know why she left, but they aren’t things he’s likely to volunteer to the police.

I have enjoyed all of the books that I have read from D.J. Palmer and this one was no exception! The story had me immediately intrigued to find out what was happening! We are following Michael originally, but we begin to get chapters from his wife Natalie’s perspective too. Michael clearly has secrets he’s trying to keep under wraps and it is soon apparent that Natalie has uncovered some things that give her more than enough reason to be on the run. The reader is slowly let in on some of the dirt and it makes for a very intriguing and engaging read.

This is a good book to go into without a lot knowledge about the plot. It definitely kept me trying to figure out where the twists were going to come into play! The audio really worked well for this book too!

MY WIFE IS MISSING is available now!

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