Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

I received A RIVER ENCHANTED by Rebecca Ross in an Illumicrate box and I was excited to pick it up!

A RIVER ENCHANGED is a multiple perspective story in a Scottish based setting. It begins with Jack returning to his home on the island of Cadence. He hasn’t been there in ten years and had no plans to return from his musical studies on the mainland, but he’s been summoned home and he can’t say no. Young girls have begun to go missing and his childhood rival Adaira knows that Jack’s skill with music and the magic tied to it might be able to provide answers.

This book begins with a slow burn, but I really enjoyed the beautiful language and the intrigue of how Jack came to leave the island behind and what has drawn him back to his old home. This is an adult novel from an author who has written YA in the past, and I do think that does come through in the book. The book does have some very adult themes in some of the storylines about marriage and parenthood, but some of the characters and their stories also feel on the younger end of the spectrum.

I did enjoy the mystery at the center of this story and learning more about the politics of the different areas of the island and why and how they must remain separate. I was surprised by some of the reveals in the ending, but it definitely also leaves things unfinished for the sequel to come.

Overall I did really enjoy this one and I enjoyed reading along with the Illumicrate group on Discord. I will look forward to picking up the next book in the Elements of Cadence series, A FIRE ENDLESS, later this year!

Reading Challenge:

#The52BookClub2022 – published in 2022

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