Book Review

THE LAST LEGACY by Adrienne Young

Rating: 4 / 5

I loved FABLE by Adrienne Young when I received it in a FairyLoot box and I really enjoyed the sequel NAMESAKE as well. I was excited to hear that there was a new book coming out from the same world and even more excited when I received a copy from a friend! I was also very pleased with how well the cover matched one of my new bookmarks from Magik Moonchild’s Etsy shop.

THE LAST LEGACY follows Bryn, a young woman who comes from the Roths, a family involved with some of the shadier business of the world. After the death of her parents, Bryn has been with an aunt, separate from her family, but she gets a letter from her uncle Henrik which has her returning to Bastian and the family business.

Henrik is determined to get a seat at the table with the legitimate traders. He is counting on Bryn’s better upbringing to help polish up the rougher parts of the family. Bryn feels a sense of loyalty and obligation to the family, but she isn’t one who is going to just bow down to Henrik’s rule without question.

This book was a lot of fun and it definitely had a similar feel to the FABLE/NAMESAKE duology, even though this one is a standalone. It took me a little bit longer to settle into this book and setting compared to FABLE, but once I did, I really flew through the story practically in one sitting!

I really enjoyed seeing the way the Roth family interacted with each other as issues of loyalty and obligation warred with what is right and wrong. Henrik is pretty much despicable, but you get a lot of shades of gray with the extended family. Bryn was a fun character, very smart to keep thinking several steps ahead to get her way. I really enjoyed the romance that played into the story as well!

If you’ve enjoyed the previous books set in this world, I definitely think you will enjoy this one as well!

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