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Rating: 5 / 5

PROJECT HAIL MARY by Andy Weir begins with Ryland waking up knowing nothing about where he is or why. As he begins to piece things together, he realizes he is alone on a space ship, the only survivor of a mission to try to save Earth. As the book progresses, he slowly begins to regain his memory to figure out what went wrong on Earth and how he came to be where he is.

PROJECT HAIL MARY is a book that I have been really wanting to read since it came out, while still a bit nervous to actually pick it up because of all the hype. Thankfully, I was 100% not let down! I wound up getting the audiobook for this one in a recent Audible sale and it was definitely a good call. I really thought the audio was fantastic!

I didn’t know much about the plot going in to this one, and I think that is definitely for the best. We get to learn about everything that has happened as Ryland does. He is a fun character to follow (a good thing since he’s the only one alive on his ship in the present day). This one definitely was reminiscent of THE MARTIAN while being very different as well. It plays to what seem to be the author’s strengths with character development and humor.

If you haven’t picked up PROJECT HAIL MARY, I absolutely recommend it! This wound up being my favorite April read!

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