Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

THE NATURE OF WITCHES by Rachel Griffin follows Clara. In a world where witches’ magic is tied to the season of their birth, Clara is a very rare Everwitch who has magic tied to every season. It is a power not well understood and one that Clara does not actually want. It gives her a lot of power, but there are a lot of consequences to her personal life as well.

The world is facing a lot of changes, odd weather out of season that creates problems for the witches most able to use their magic at any given time. Clara’s power may be the answer to solving the problems, but is she willing to risk losing more to save those around her.

I picked up THE NATURE OF WITCHES after hearing about it on a BookTube live show and seeing the gorgeous naked hardcover underneath the dust jacket. I’ll admit this one was largely a cover buy, though I do love witchy reads so the synopsis intrigued me as well. Thankfully I found this to be a great read in addition to being pretty!

I really enjoyed the magic system that the author has developed and the different ways the witches powers tied to the seasons. With powers ebbing and flowing based on the time of year, Clara’s whole world shifts as well including the way she relates to people in her life. Magic and the seasons influence everything from love to friendship and more. Clara’s internal struggle about whether to give up her magic is understandable and well developed I thought.

This was a fun read and a good witchy book that doesn’t necessarily call out to be a Halloween-time read (even if I did take this picture in October, anticipating reading it that month)!

Reading Challenge:

#AroundTheYearIn52Books – a book related to inclement weather

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