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Monday Reading Check In

I received a gifted uncorrected proof of LOCUS LANE by Stephen Amidon from Celadon Books.

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! It is a holiday Monday for me, so I’m typing this up with a snuggly puppy on my lap (a little awkward, but she’s too cute and sleepy to move). We had a busy weekend with a couple readathons keeping the reading going through yesterday and a pizza night for my dad’s birthday yesterday. Today I’m just taking it easy and spending my morning getting some reading done.

Speaking of reading, I actually finished my May TBR a bit early this month. Normally I’d start diving into my June TBR, but since I’ve got that largely planned out around #Whateverthon starting June 1, I didn’t want to do that too much. As it turns out, Celadon Books solved the problem for me when I got LOCUST LANE by Stephen Amidon in the mail this week. I picked it up this morning just to read the first couple pages and got sucked immediately, so this is definitely on tap to get finished up today.

LOCUST LANE starts with Patrick hitting a dog in the middle of the night (so I really wasn’t sure how this was going to go). No need to fear, we quickly learn the pup is fine. We then switch to a different perspective as a woman learns that her 20 year old daughter has been killed. From here we begin switching between multiple other POVs who are parents of senior teens in the same neighborhood. I’m now about a quarter of the way in and we’re slowly beginning to see how these different perspectives and their families relate to each other. I am finding each of these perspectives very interesting to read from and I’m really enjoying the writing style as well. I have no idea where this book is going to take the story, but I am hooked to keep reading today! This one isn’t out until January, so a review will come much closer to publication, but for now I would say this is one to keep an eye out for!

I do have two other books on the go (because I’m me):

THE CITY WE BECAME by N.K. Jemisin is a BOTM book that I have had on my shelf for quite some time. I love N.K. Jemisin’s writing in general and I’m happy to report that I’m loving this one so far as well. I picked this one up now because I pulled a prompt from my #JarOfTBR for a book with a bridge on the cover. This book is set in New York and New York is embodied in the characters as well (quite literally). So far we’re following Manny (Manhattan) and beginning to meet the evil that lurks under the city. I am reading this primarily on audio and the format is working well with this one! I may finish this in May? We shall see!

My other current read is OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE SKY by Kristan Higgins (out from Berkley Pub on 6/7/2022). This is following Lillie, a wife and mother who is hit out of the blue by her husband asking for a divorce so he can marry his new true love just as her son is about to graduate high school and leave for college. Lillie did not see this coming and she’s mad and she’s bitter and she’s petty. I really love Lillie and her husband deserves all she’s about to dish up for him. I’m loving this one and can’t wait to continue, but I’m on pause for a midway book chat. This will probably be my first finish of June!

What are you currently reading? Are you trying to finish up anything before the end of the month? I’d love to hear!

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