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Monday Reading Check In

Good morning and happy Monday, bookish friends! After two Mondays off in a row, it’s sadly back to a full five day work week for me this week! Good thing I do have good reading to keep me company! I had a pretty good weekend with lots of pup snuggles and a good long walk yesterday that exhausted me and Kylee both. Yay to coffee in my cute Daisie & Bee mug – it seemed a good pairing with my #ShelfSlayers bookmark for #Whateverthon since it came from their Etsy shop!

I didn’t quite get to as much reading as I had hoped, but as I’ve been a bit ahead of schedule for the month already, that’s okay. I should actually hit my pledged number of books for #Whateverthon this week which is much faster than I expected! No fear about me running out of books… I may have done some damage to my credit card with Target’s buy 2 get 1 free sale!

I was a bit all over the place in what I wanted to read this weekend, so started a few different things, one of them being MORDEW by Alex Pheby. This wasn’t a book on my radar until it came up for a buddy read, so I didn’t know much going in, but I spotted a copy at the book festival I went to relatively recently so picked it up.

We’re following Nathan who is a young boy living in poverty with his parents, struggling to make ends meet. He has a tremendous power, but one that he’s been advised to keep hidden and unused. Still, if it can help his family, how can he resist? His desperate mother sends him off to the Master, but the Master recognizes Nathan’s power and he does not seem pleased to have competition for most powerful. I am finding this an easy read to settle into and I’m very intrigued to see where it takes me!

I did of course get started on a few more books… of course…

THE LAST DRESS FROM PARIS by Jade Beer (eARC from Berkley Pub, out 6/21/22) is following two timelines, one in the early 1950s set in the fashion world of Paris and one in a more modern day following a young woman who is on a quest to recover a valuable dress her grandmother left behind in Paris. She discovers along the way a bigger mystery. I am very intrigued by the mystery in this one and can’t wait to see how it all pieces together.

A THOUSAND BILES by Bridget Morrissey (eARC from Berkley Pub, out 6/21/22) is a road trip story between two former best friends (and briefly something more) who have been out of touch for years, but agree to reunite for a road trip they both promised to do years before. I enjoy a good friendship story and this is a fun read so far.

THE CHILDREN ON THE HILL By Jennifer McMahon is one I picked up after enjoying a previous book by the author and I’m not too far into this one but I’m very much hooked on the story. We’ve got a “monster” who hunts children in place of the sister she could never catch and a young woman who runs a podcast about investigating monsters who is on this monster’s trail. We’ve also got a past timeline where a young girl is being raised by a grandmother who works at an asylum for the mentally ill and who one day brings a young, troubled girl home. This was quick to suck me in, so I’m eager to get back to it!

How is your June reading going? I’d love to hear!

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