Book Review

MIGRATIONS by Charlotte McConaghy

Rating: 4 / 5

MIGRATIONS by Charlotte McConaghy is set in a time where the destruction to the environment has severely impacted living things. Birds are dying off and main character Franny is determined to follow what may be the final migration of the arctic tern. She manages to find a boat with a crew willing to take her on, even if she has no knowledge about sailing or the dangers they are likely to face. There is more to her story to be uncovered and more that she is running from.

When I got a prompt to read a book involving a man made disaster, I spotted this book on the list of suggestions. I have had this sitting on my shelves after seeing a lot of great reviews, but I didn’t know much about what to expect going in. I really fell in love with the writing style in this one. It combines the action of the present day with a nonlinear exploration of Franny’s past and all that has come about to bring her to this expedition. The author managed to really draw me into Franny’s story and the heartbreaks she experiences!

This is a short novel (only around 250 pages) but it packs a lot in even so. I think this is a story best gone into without too many expectations, but do check out the trigger warnings if there might be a concern. I feel like the trigger warnings in this case would be spoilers, but would be happy to provide them if anyone sends me a message.

I really enjoyed this one and will definitely be reading the author’s more recent book!

Reading Challenge:

#PopsugarReadingChallenge – a book featuring a man made disaster

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