Monday Morning Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday, book friends! I was very much not prepared to be at work this morning and to come in to requests for meetings first thing! I really need the weekends to be longer! The weekend was good – we celebrated Father’s Day with my dad on Saturday and enjoyed a good walk with the dogs and time in his garden along with some takeout for lunch. Sunday was mostly relaxing with my exhausted pup and reading. Still, Monday came too soon.

I am currently reading CITY OF DUSK by Tara Sim which was one of Fairyloot’s recent Adult books. This edition is really gorgeous and I am loving the beautiful hardcover under the dust jacket! Thankfully I am also enjoying the book. We’re following multiple POVs from multiple houses in a world where each house has a different magic. There is a lot to take in initially, but I am actually finding it pretty easy to settle into the world and the characters. I’m very intrigued to read more into how the magics and characters will work together.

I am a bit all over the place in my other reading – I have seven total books on my currently reading shelf:

THE CHANGE by Kirsten Miller is our current #SaturdayBookstaClub read and I’m really loving this. We’re following a group of older woman with magical abilities. When they discover the body of a young woman, they learn that she isn’t the only one. These women are on a mission to get answers and revenge. I’m hoping to finish this one up today!

THE PEACEKEEPER by B.L. Blanchard (gifted book by Amazon Publishing, TLC Book Tours) is set in a North America that was never colonized. In the village of Baawitigong within an independent Ojibwe nation, Peacekeeper Chibenashi’s mother was murdered twenty years ago. On the anniversary of her death, his mother’s best friend is murdered as well which opens a lot of questions for Chibenashi to answer. I started this yesterday and would have probably finished if not for the need for sleep.

A SHOE STORY by Jane L. Rosen (gifted book from Berkley Publishing and PRH Audio) is following a young woman who had to put her life on hold after a tragedy hit her family. She’s now in New York, dog sitting for a month and trying to rediscover herself and her new life. This was a bit heavier to start with than I expected, but I am really enjoying the story! This one comes out on 6/28!

FOR THE LOVE OF THE BARD by Jessica Martin (gifted book from Berkley Publishing and PRH Audio) is another book out next Tuesday 6/28. We’re following Miranda, a writer and an editor who is back in her hometown for the big Shakespeare festival. She’s dealing with family issues, a pup prone to trouble, and the man who once broke her heart. I’ve been on a bit of a Shakespeare streak recently, so this is really working well for me. There’s good humor mixed with some more serious subject matters as well.

ORLANDO by Virginia Woolf is our current #ClassicsBuddyRead for June. We’re following Orlando, who we are initially introduced to as a man, but later transforms into a woman. I am enjoying the writing, but following the story is becoming a bit convoluted. It should make for an interesting discussion on Sunday!

I also still have THE HAUNTING OF LEIGH HARKER by Darcy Coates on my currently reading list, but it’s a bit of a soft DNF for the moment. Not sure if/when I’ll get back to it.

What are you currently reading this week? Is your list of current reads out of control too? I’d love to hear!

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