Book Review

A THOUSAND MILES by Bridget Morrissey

I received a gifted galley of A THOUSAND MILES by Bridget Morrissey for an honest review. Thank you to Berkley Publishing Group, PRHAudio and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review!

Rating: 4 / 5
Publication Date: 6/21/2022

A THOUSAND MILES follows two former best friends who briefly crossed the line into something more but are now estranged. Dee hosts a popular podcast with her best friend where her life is pretty much an open book, with one exception. Her past with Ben and what went wrong is cloaked behind the nickname “name redacted”.

Ben shows up at Dee’s door out of the blue. His grandmother has passed away and he’s there to ask Dee to take a road trip with him to his grandmother’s home, a trip she had promised to make with him years ago. Together they hit the road with a lot of history to rehash and new memories to make.

I really enjoyed this one and I thought the audio was fantastic. I have loved some of the recent books we’ve had with podcast elements woven into the audio as if you’re actually tuning in to the latest episode, and this book does it very well! I also really enjoyed getting to know both Dee and Ben with their alternating POVs. They have a strong bond between them even after years apart and it made for a fantastic story as the author balanced their past and their present very well!

This was a fast read and one that I just kept wanting to continue! It’s definitely one that I’d recommend to the friends to lovers fans! A THOUSAND MILES is out today!

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