Monday Morning Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Thank you to Minotaur Books for the gifted copy of THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK by Jennifer Hillier!

Happy Monday, book friends! The week is off to a rough start… my breakfast AND my lunch are both sitting at home while I’m sitting at work. So, yeah… feeling pretty smart right about now! At least I do have my coffee and my current read! On the plus side, after I make it through the five day work week, I did give myself a nice four day weekend to look forward to!

I started THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK last night and I am very much hooked into the story. I have been in a big thriller mood lately and Jennifer Hillier does not disappoint! The book opens with a woman being arrested for the death of her husband. The police find her holding the razor blade that caused his death and when asked if she killed her husband, her response is that she doesn’t know. Her husband was a famous comedian, so there are complications from fame and wealth. It also turns out there is more to her background than anyone really knows. I am very intrigued to see where this one takes me!

Over the weekend, I participated in a readathon that required me to finish a book before picking my next read which was a big change of pace for me who usually has multiple books going at once. It was a lot of fun to shake up my routine a bit, though! With that, I actually don’t have any other active reads on my currently reading shelf which is a bit (more than a bit) unusual for me!

I still technically have CITY OF DUSK by Tara Sim on my shelf but I’ve set it aside because I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews and wanted to let the hype die down before I go back in to form my own decisions (and my audiobook timed out while I had to prioritize other reads).

What are you trying to get read before June draws to a close? Are you in denial that the year is half over this week like me? I’d love to hear!

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