Monday Morning Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Thank you to Leslie Hooton for the gifted copy of her book AFTER EVERYONE ELSE and thank you to Gr8AM.Mug for the gifted mug! (Be sure to check out my Bookstagram stories to check out the fun color change features of this mug!)

Happy Holiday Monday, book friends! I am very much enjoying having a long weekend after a very stressful work week with lots of deadlines and issues and chaos. Kylee doesn’t love this weekend because the neighbors go super wild with their fireworks right outside our windows, but she gets through with lots of snuggles and spoiling. She’s very much attached at my hip this weekend and never has the message on this gifted mug been more true!

I am starting AFTER EVERYONE ELSE, Leslie Hooton’s follow up to BEFORE ANYONE ELSE which I really enjoyed. This new book came out last week and I really wanted to get to it in June, but the month got away from me, so I wound up saving it to enjoy over the long weekend!

When I heard that AFTER EVERYONE ELSE was revisiting the characters from the previous book, but with a mysterious twist I was instantly intrigued. Our heroine Bailey seems to have it all with a family and a career she loves, but then something unexpected happens. Her ex husband is dead and she’s at the top of the suspect lists with murder charges imminent. I don’t think anyone will be surprised to hear that I like a good mystery and a dark twist to a story, so I just know I’m going to love this one!

Apart from this one, I actually just have one other book on the go. KING’S CAGE is the next book in the RED QUEEN series by Victoria Aveyard and I am reading this to keep up with the readalong. The live show for this one will be happening sometime next weekend so I am trying to finish this one up today or tomorrow (because I have another chunky fantasy coming in the mail soon that I need to get read by next weekend too…oops!)

What are you reading today? And if you are off today, what are you up to? I’d love to hear! Me, I am planning to pretty much just lounge around with the pup and my books!


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