Monday Morning Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday, all! I can’t believe we’re well into the back half of #AmbitiousAugust and I’m just happy to have a week where I’m not adding an extra TBR to my Monday post! I had a great reading weekend and a fantastic time as I got to pick my BFF up from the airport on Saturday and head out to dinner with her. Yesterday was mostly spent being lazy and joining in with some reading sprints working (successfully) to whittle down my #CurrentlyReading stack which was made up of a lot of books with no audio available.

It has certainly been an ambitious month, but the reading is going well. I am almost done with all of my ‘required’ reads for readathons, so I’m mostly working on some additional quest prompts for #MagicalReadathon, especially as a few were just added over the weekend. One of the new prompts is to read a book over five days, so I’ve decided to pick up my gorgeous Fairyloot edition of THE UNDERTAKING OF HART AND MERCY by Megan Bannen for this one!

THE UNDERTAKING OF HART AND MERCY is following two main characters. Mercy is an undertaker, caring for the bodies of the departed in her family business. Hart is a marshal who patrols Tanria and often brings in unidentified bodies to Mercy. The two have a symbiotic relationship, but they do not get along at all. When Hart begins to feel his loneliness and writes a letter to an unnamed “friend” he never expects it to be delivered anywhere, but it winds up in Mercy’s hands and she finds herself writing back to the unknown sender.

I read just the first seven chapters yesterday, but I am finding it a fun and easy read so far. Our first encounter with Hart has him going a bit gaga over Mercy’s dog so he’s completely relatable. The world is an interesting one as well with fantastical creatures and the undead causing havoc. I very much look forward to reading more!

Apart from this, I have just a bit of THE PRINCESS BRIDE by William Goldman so I am hoping to finish that off today. That is my one TBR book left for both #Pickpongathon and #MagicalReadathon.

I am also reading TOMORROW, AND TOMORROW, AND TOMORROW by Gabrielle Zevin which I am listening to on audio and loving. I’m flying through it so also likely will wrap this up today. It was a perfect fit for the new quest added this weekend to read a book featuring a game!

I hope your Monday has been going well and that your week is off to a fantastic start! What are you currently reading? I’d love to hear!


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