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Rating: 4 / 5

HOTEL MAGNIFIQUE by Emily J. Taylor follows Jani, a young woman who cares for her younger sister Zosa, just managing to make enough in her job to keep them afloat. They are far from their homeland with no means with which to travel. When the Hotel Magnifique comes to town, Jani spots an opportunity.

The Hotel Magnifique is a mysterious institution with much about it kept wrapped in rumors, but Jani and Zosa know of it from what their late mother told them. It is a place that is transported somewhere new every night and the guests inside are treated to dazzling displays of magic. Jani and Zosa can of course not afford to be guests, but they can apply to be on the staff. When Zosa gets in as a performer and Jani does not, Jani does everything possible to find a way to stay with her sister.

I had seen this book on sale when I was book shopping and didn’t pick it up. When I kept seeing it mentioned and it kept sticking in my head, I had to go back and fix that! I wound up finding this a really fun and easy binge read that I absolutely flew through.

I loved the idea of the hotel and the different types of magic on display there. It was a wonderful place to read about and I enjoyed following Jani as she explored everything and began to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the hotel and its occupants. It is of course not the idyllic vacation destination for everyone and there is much more going on behind the scenes for Jani to uncover.

This book was full of whimsical fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I definitely will look to read more from Emily J. Taylor in the future!


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