Monday Morning Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday, all! I hope your week is off to a good start! I had a good(ish) weekend which started well on Saturday with a bookstore field trip to a few different stops, with yesterday being the less good part with a headache that plagued me most of the day. I at least was able to listen to my audiobooks most of the day while snuggling with Kylee. Thankfully the headache has mostly eased off now, even if I do have to be back to work. There is a three day weekend on the horizon at the end of this week, so I’m living for Friday!

I shockingly finished all of my required reading for #AmbitiousAugust, so I have been able to add some highly anticipated reads to my currently reading stack including this one, THE WITCHES OF MOONSHYNE MANOR by Bianca Marais. I have loved this author’s previous books and was so excited to hear she had a new one coming out. I immediately preordered it without even knowing what it was about but check out that cover, how could I not? I was also excited to find that my library had the audiobook for this on Hoopla so I could get started on it last night even while my eyes weren’t cooperating with reading in print.

THE WITCHES OF MOONSHYNE MANOR is about a group of older women witches and their fight against a group trying to demolish their beloved Moonshyne Manor. I am really loving these women and the found family vibes of their group. This book is full of humor and love and I am hooked to keep reading! You’ll get a review from me when I finish but I can already tell this is going to be a good one!

I hope your week is off to a good start! What are you currently reading? I’d love to hear!


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