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HOUSE OF HUNGER by Alexis Henderson

I received a complimentary advanced copy of HOUSE OF HUNGER by Alexis Henderson. Thank you to Berkley Publishing and PRH Audio for the chance to provide an honest review.

Publication Date: 9/27/2022
Rating: 4.5 / 5

HOUSE OF HUNGER is set in the world of wealthy nobility where people live in luxury and survive on blood. Bloodmaids are sought to offer up their life in indentured servitude for a contracted period. We are following Marion, a young woman desperate to find a way to leave her life of poverty, so when she sees an add advertising for a woman of taste and strong will, she sees an opportunity. It seems Marion’s blood is prime and she’s accepted into a world she couldn’t have anticipated as the bloodmaid to Countess Lisavet.

After reading and really enjoying the dark story Alexis Henderson wrote in THE YEAR OF THE WITCHING, I was highly anticipating reading this one. I am glad to report that this book held up to my expectations, carrying over the dark and atmospheric writing I was hoping for. I really enjoyed exploring this twist to the typical vampire lore that the author creates. It had a lot of the trademark features of darkness and blood, but it gave some unique twists as well.

Marion was a great character to follow as she is drawn into this world and enraptured with Lisavet. Even as she feels that draw, she is also concerned for her life and her fellow bloodmaids as they begin to go missing. I found the story hard to put down and the mystery of what was going on behind the surface kept me reading.

HOUSE OF HUNGER is perfect for fall reading and it is out today!


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