Book Review

WHERE WE END & BEGIN by Jane Igharo

I received a complimentary advanced copy of WHERE WE END & BEGIN by Jane Igharo. Thank you to Berkley Publishing and PRH Audio for the chance to provide an honest review.

Publication Date: 9/27/2022
Rating: 4 / 5

WHERE WE END & BEGIN is a second chance romance set in Nigeria. Dunni and Obinna were high school sweethearts. Dunni came from a wealthy family with distinct ideas about her future. Obinna is a scholarship student and not what her family wants for her. Though they’ve made a blood oath to stay together, when Dunni leaves for college in America, the two separate.

It is now twelve years later and Dunni returns to Nigeria to attend a friend’s wedding, never expecting to see Obinna again for the first time in all these years. She’s an engaged woman, set to marry a man her parents have approved, but she cannot deny the feelings for Obinna are still there.

I enjoyed this story and the Nigerian setting for the majority of the novel. There is a touch of magical realism at play as well with the pull of the blood oath the two teens took. It does rely quite a bit on miscommunication and false assumptions about each other which is not my favorite trope in romances, but given their youth in the past portions of the book, I did find this to be fairly understandable.

There are a few twists and turns to the story that had me wishing things had gone a bit differently, but I can’t say a whole lot while avoiding spoilers. Overall I really enjoyed the writing and definitely was pulling for Dunni and Obinna to work things out.

WHERE WE END & BEGIN is out today!


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