Book Review

IMPOSTER by Bradeigh Godfrey

Rating: 4 / 5

IMPOSTER by Bradeigh Godfrey follows Lillian and Rosie, two sisters with a troublesome past. When Rosie was born, her care largely fell to Lillian and their relationship has never been typical for sisters. Lillian is a doctor with a husband and a baby and a life that seems to be much more together than that of Rosie, but both have secrets and issues that need to be resolved.

After a period of estrangement, the two are going out to dinner. Rosie has something of vital importance to tell her sister, but before that can happen they are involved in a horrific car accident. Lillian comes out of it okay, but Rosie is gravely injured and her recovery is questionable. Lillian is determined to get answers about what her sister needed to tell her and what monster caused them such harm. Between Lillian’s chapters we also get journal entries from Rosie which fill in her back story.

Did you catch the ‘monster’ my synopsis description there? This is a thriller, not a fantasy/horror with actual horned monsters a la today’s #KyleeCostumes, but I couldn’t resist stretching a bit trying to draw a connection to the first costume of October!

This book is one I have of course seen around Bookstagram quite a bit given that I first knew the author as a Bookstagrammer and the positive reviews have had me intrigued. I started the audiobook while walking my little furry monster in the morning and I was instantly hooked. I wound up binge reading the whole thing in well under a day! I managed to make a few successful guesses as to what was going on, but there were quite a few things that surprised me. There were a lot of threads to follow in this story and I loved how everything tied up in the end. This book delves into issues of disability and mental health and I think these topics were handled really well!

I think this is a book where you want to go in fairly blind so you can figure everything out along with Lillian, so I don’t want to say too much. I recommend this to those who enjoy a good psychological thriller that will keep you guessing!


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