Book Review

THE TWISTED ONES by T. Kingfisher

Rating: 4 / 5

I have been wanting to read more T. Kingfisher, so when I saw that The Pyramid Book Club hosted by @michelles_library @bookswithlexie and _alilbitofmonica_ was reading THE TWISTED ONES in September, I moved it up my TBR.

THE TWISTED ONES follows a young woman named Mouse. When her grandmother dies, her father asks her to help out by cleaning out the house. It winds up being a very daunting task as her grandmother was quite the hoarder and the house is in horrible condition. She finds herself somewhat isolated alone with her dog in a rural and off-putting setting even as she starts to make a few connections in the town.

In cleaning up the house, Mouse finds her step-grandfather’s journal. It seems to be full of ramblings that don’t make any sense, but some of it seems to be true especially things she remembers hearing about. With her dog at her side, she begins to search the surrounding woods and she finds even more questions as things seem to be impossible to believe.

This is a really hard book to describe and it definitely takes some eerie twists along the way. Trigger warnings for violence and gore. I downloaded this on audiobook from Scribd and wound up flying through it because I wanted answers to find out what was going on. I wouldn’t say that everything came to a fully concrete conclusion, but it did deliver a satisfying ending.

T. Kingfisher is fantastic at building different settings with strong atmospheres to them and this book is no different. This has served to help increase my desire to read more from her!

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