Book Review


Rating: 4.5 / 5

THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW by Washington Irving was the #ClassicsBuddyRead pick for October. I don’t think I had actually ever read this one which is such a classic for the season, so I was glad we added it to the schedule!

THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW tells the story of Ichabod Crane, a teacher who came to Sleepy Hollow for work. He’s easily swayed by stories of ghosts told by those around him and is scared of his environment. As it turns out, he may just be right to be so afraid as a figure on a horse, a headless figure, approaches.

This was a fun quick read and a nice break. I needed a popular older book for a readathon and I think this fit the bill perfectly. It certainly is a well known tale with a lot of adaptations and it is absolutely old having first been published in 1820. It is a quick story but it packs a good punch and I can see why it lends itself well to twists and variations with retellings.

I do have a couple retellings on my TBR that I am hoping to get to soon and this has me even more excited to get to them! I also appreciated the excuse to buy the headless horseman costume I’d been eyeing for Kylee!


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