Book Review

NUMBER ONE IS WALKING by Steve Martin, Harry Bliss

I received a gifted copy of NUMBER ONE IS WALKING: MY LIVE IN THE MOVIES AND OTHER DIVERSOINS by Steve Martin, illustrated by Harry Bliss, from Celadon Books for an honest review! This arrived just in time for the #NonfictionBookParty photo prompt from @theocbookgirl: Humor – Laugh ‘Til You Cry!

Publication Date: 11/15/2022
Rating: 4 / 5

NUMBER ONE IS WALKING is a combination of a graphic memoir and a series of one off comics. Going through snippets of his start in show business and through some of his most memorable movies, he gives some insights into his life in short comic strips. There are also a number of “diversions” which are short strips or single panel comics there for a laugh.

This is the same author/illustrator duo who released A WEALTH OF PIGEONS in 2020 which I also really enjoyed so I was thrilled to open the envelope when this arrived at my door. I am very impressed both with the detail in the illustrations as Harry Bliss brings the faces of Steve Martin’s real life costars and friends to life such that they can be immediately recognized.

I think this book struck a good balance between memoir and entertainment and would be great for any Steve Martin fans with the holidays quickly approaching. NUMBER ONE IS WALKING is out on 11/15/22!


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