Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

FRIENDS, LOVERS, AND THE BIG TERRIBLE THING by Matthew Perry is the author’s new release memoir. Most of us know Matthew Perry from his starring role in Friends, but most probably don’t know the depths of the problems he had going on beneath the surface. He begins the book telling the reader that he should be dead. The rest of the book goes on to show how time after time he has narrowly escaped death resulting from his chronic substance abuse throughout his life.

This book was a buddy read hosted by @theocbookgirl and @ashareads for the #NonfictionBookParty and I was happy to join in with them for the read and the discussion. I didn’t know a lot about the book or about the actor’s life, so went in relatively blind. This is a book that will break your heart and it gives a very open and frank discussion on substance abuse. When it comes to bad decisions made, relationships ruined, and risks taken, Perry doesn’t pull many punches.

There is a lot of emotion in this book and the anger and the hurt come through strong. I did have some concerns with some of the anger expressed toward the recovery industry. Not all facilities are created the same and certainly someone in his position has been to the most expensive of the options out there, but the anger toward the facilities was pretty extreme at times compared to the anger at himself and his own choices. Still, knowing the regrets he has for his life choices and the loneliness it has brought him makes for a sad conclusion.

I think this book gives a good look at the life of an addict. I do hope that his sobriety sticks this time and that he is able to find more happiness in his life going forward.


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