Book Review

CRYING IN H MART by Michelle Zauner

Rating: 5 / 5

CRYING IN H MART by Michelle Zauner is the author’s memoir, delving into her life as a Korean American dealing with the loss of her mother and the search for her own identity. Living in an area of the U.S. not populated by many Asian children, she frequently felt “other”. She and her mother spent time in She often felt drawn between her life in America and in Korea where she and her mother would spend time with relatives in Seoul. Her identity continued to evolve as she spent time in the food industry, in music, and in love. When her mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer, her entire world is thrown off course and more questions of who she is and what she wants from life begin to emerge.

This book was absolutely a #BookstagramMadeMeDoIt read when I picked it up earlier this year, so I was glad to have #NonfictionNovember and the #NonfictionBookParty from @theocbookgirl to finally push me to pick it up! I was warned that this was a fantastic read and also an emotional one and it certainly fit on both fronts. I am happy to report that the book lived up to my friends’ reviews for it.

I wound up picking this book up on audio from the library to go with my physical copy and I was happy to find that the audio was narrated by the author which is something I love in a memoir. I really enjoyed hearing her story in her own words and voice as she talked about navigating her life and the grief she felt over the loss of her mother.

This is a fantastic memoir and a wonderful story that is easy to binge read even as it hurts your heart!


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