Book Review

GHOST 19 by Simone St. James

I received a complimentary audiobook copy of GHOST 19 by Simone St. James. Thank you to PRH Audio for the chance to read and provide an honest review.

Rating: 4 / 5

GHOST 19 is a novella length story following Ginette Cox. Ginette has moved out of New York City to 19 Howard Avenue in the suburbs, seeking more peace and quiet and relaxation. It is a quiet neighborhood, but Ginette entertains herself watching her neighbors through her window, guessing at their stories. Being stuck at home with her nerves keeping her from leaving, Ginette begins to order deliveries to keep her supplied, the delivery boy being her only real contact with the outside world until things begin to go wrong in the neighborhood and in her own house.

This was a quick read, but I really enjoyed it! Our main character is fragile in some ways, dealing with a difficult mental state. This does leave the reader to wonder how much is really happening compared to what is going on in Ginette’s mind, so if that is a trope you don’t enjoy this might not be a good fit. That said, I think it was done well and being Simone St. James I did assume that there was something more than just the main character’s anxiety at work.

I don’t want to say too much about this one given how short it is (less than three hours on audio) and I think it is best to go in without too many expectations. I read most of this on my commute one day and had to immediately finish it when I got home. Clearly, I really enjoyed it!

GHOST 19 is currently available as an audiobook with an ebook to be published January 3!


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