Weekend wrap up!

Happy Sunday, all! How has your weekend been?

I have had a fabulous long weekend spending time with friends, eating well and playing well. 😁 Got out for a bit of shopping and stayed home to do a bit of reading. I didnt fulfill my goal to do a lot of sleeping in, but snuggling with the pup and a book is almost as good!

I’ve made some progress on several books this weekend, though nowhere close to finishing any of them!

  • DUMA KEY – Stephen King
  • THE LUMINOUS DEAD – Caitlin Starling
  • ALL THE BIRDS IN THE SKY – Charlie Jane Anders
  • THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO – Alexandre Dumas
  • THE STONE SKY – N.K. JEMISIN – on audio, so not pictured

It has been a good reading weekend overall and I’m looking forward to diving back into all these books… Now I just have to make the tough decision – which first?

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