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  • Bookish First – a site for reading opening chapters of current and upcoming books, enter ARC raffles and earn points toward free books. Use Referral code fc50507fff9b898c0 and we’ll both get some extra points.
  • Libro.FM – a fantastic site for audiobook subscriptions and purchases where you can select your local indie bookstore to receive profits from the sales! Use this linnk or my referral code lfm132004.
  • Scribd – Please note that I do acknowledge that their claim to have “unlimited” access to books is a little misleading because I have experienced that audiobook access becomes limited after you listen to one or two during the billing month. That said, $8.99 for one or two audiobooks is still a good deal.
  • Swagbucks – if you aren’t familiar this is a site which allows you to earn points for gift cards and cashback; I get cash back on my book purchases from a few bookstores through this site in addition to non-book purchases from a lot of other sites

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